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Patrick Robinson Nimitz Class \/\/FREE\\\\


Patrick Robinson Nimitz Class \/\/FREE\\\\

Patrick Robinson's Nimitz Class: A Thrilling Naval Adventure

Patrick Robinson is a journalist and a bestselling author of books on military and naval topics. His first fiction book, Nimitz Class, published in 1997, introduced the character of Admiral Arnold Morgan, a tough and patriotic US Navy officer who faces various threats to national security. Nimitz Class is a techno-thriller that explores the scenario of a rogue submarine sinking a US nuclear aircraft carrier with a nuclear torpedo.

The book begins with the mysterious disappearance of the USS Thomas Jefferson, a Nimitz-Class carrier that is the most powerful warship in the world. The Pentagon initially suspects an accidental nuclear explosion, but soon realizes that it was a deliberate attack by an unknown enemy. Admiral Morgan leads the investigation and discovers that the culprit is a renegade Iranian submarine commander named Ravi Rashood, who has stolen a Russian Kilo-Class submarine and armed it with nuclear warheads. Rashood is a master spy and a skilled undersea warrior who has a personal vendetta against the US for its support of Israel.

Admiral Morgan must track down Rashood and stop him from striking again, before he triggers a global nuclear war. He enlists the help of his friend and colleague Bill Baldridge, a Navy maverick whose brother was killed on the Thomas Jefferson. Together, they embark on a deadly chase across the oceans, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, facing danger and deception at every turn. They also have to deal with political pressure, media scrutiny, and international intrigue as they try to prevent a catastrophe.

Nimitz Class is a fast-paced and realistic novel that draws on Robinson's extensive knowledge of naval warfare and technology. It is similar to Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October in its style and plot, but with an explosive twist that shocks the reader. The book also raises important questions about defense budget cuts, naval terrorism, and national security in the post-Cold War era. Nimitz Class is the first book in a series that follows Admiral Morgan and his adventures in defending America from various enemies.

If you are looking for a thrilling naval adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you should check out Patrick Robinson's Nimitz Class. You can find it on Goodreads, Google Books, or Book Series In Order.

The book features a cast of realistic and complex characters, both on the American and the Iranian sides. Admiral Morgan is a hard-nosed and patriotic leader who is determined to find and eliminate Rashood at any cost. He is also a compassionate and loyal friend who cares deeply for Baldridge and his family. Baldridge is a brilliant and unconventional naval officer who has a personal stake in the mission. He is also a grieving brother who struggles with his loss and his feelings for his brother's widow. Rashood is a cunning and ruthless adversary who has a fanatical hatred for the US and Israel. He is also a skilled and daring submarine commander who has a loyal crew and a secret lover.

The book also depicts the political and media aspects of the crisis, as well as the international reactions. The US president, Robert Macdonald, is a weak and indecisive leader who faces criticism and pressure from various sources. He relies heavily on Morgan's advice and guidance, but also has to balance the interests of his allies and enemies. The media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and influencing policy decisions. The book shows how the media can be manipulated, misled, or exploited by different parties. The book also portrays the responses of other countries, such as Russia, China, France, Britain, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Chile. The book shows how the crisis affects their interests and actions, and how they cooperate or compete with each other.

Nimitz Class is a gripping and realistic novel that will appeal to fans o


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