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The School For Good And Evil(2022)

When Sophie tries to get close to Tedros, Lesso cuts her hair to break her spirit. Under Rafal's influence, Sophie undergoes a radical change in both appearance and personality; gaining the favor of the Nevers and rising to the unofficial position of leader of Evil's student body. Though she diverges from Agatha, the latter still tries to aid Sophie by using magic to bring her and Tedros together. An Ever and a Never being together causes chaos between both schools; Rhian determines a "Trial by Tale" to settle the issue. At the Trial, Sophie ends up proving inept in defending herself and Tedros, prompting an infiltrating Agatha to save him in her stead. This results in Tedros ultimately rejecting Sophie for choosing self-preservation over him, with the prince starting a relationship with Agatha.

The School for Good and Evil(2022)


When Sophie goes to seek revenge on Rhian, he reveals himself to have been Rafal all along, having survived the fall and killed Rhian, assuming his identity and manipulating Good's stories to weaken Good from within, favoring Evil. He then proposes he and Sophie to rule together, declaring her his true love. As they kiss, both Schools start collapsing, horrifying Sophie. When Agatha arrives, Rafal tries to impale her with the Storian. Sophie pushes Agatha out of the way and takes the fatal hit; her sacrifice undoes Rafal's spell, saving everyone. Agatha, with Sophie and Tedros' help, kills Rafal with Excalibur. Agatha kisses the dying Sophie goodbye; this proves to be a demonstration of true love and revives Sophie.

The Evers and Nevers reconcile, and the restored school staff decide to unite the two schools into one. A portal to Gavaldon opens, and Agatha kisses Tedros before crossing over with Sophie, returning to their old lives. However, an arrow and a mysterious knife pierce the veil between worlds, with Tedros pleading he needs Agatha; the Storian then states that "this is only the beginning."

Paul Feig was offered a spot as director, but he was hesitant due to the film's contrasts with his style and unfamiliar genre. However, he reconsidered after he read the script, in which he enjoyed the characters, story, and opportunities for world-building.[48] He was also interested in the relationships between the characters, as well as good and evil.[49] Feig aimed to depict the lead characters' female friendship interestingly, as such relationships were often portrayed contentiously onscreen.[50] Feig joined in 2020, with Roth, Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, Startz, Laura Fischer and Feig as producers, and Zack Roth, Patricia Riggen and Chainani as executive producers.[5][45] Netflix was supportive of Feig's rewrites and changes.[51] Of the process, Feig stated: "once you direct things that you write, ... you almost write like you're in the editing room".[clarification needed] Sometimes, when the studio or producers requested that a certain thing be explained in the script and the writers suggested including it using dialogue, Feig knew that it was unneeded as "once you see two people ... looking at each other in that emotion, you just feel it"; however, they retained the lines in case audiences during test screenings did not understand that part.[22]

While the novels are targeted towards young adults, Feig set out to create "an anti-Disney" film that, while reinterpreting fairy tales, also probed genuine issues and darkness. In the books, the students are in their mid-teenage years; Feig, however, believed The School for Good and Evil did not necessarily need to be set at a high school. In the film, the students are approximately 18 to 19 years old.[49] As the film developed, the team required more money for various things; Netflix subsequently increased the budget.[51]

After Charlize Theron had completed work on F9 (2021), Kirschenbaum spoke to her about portraying "a different kind" of villain.[61] She previously acted in many fantasy films, such as Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). Feig, who had worked with her on Arrested Development (2005),[60] expected her to decline the role due to The School for Good and Evil's similarities to her other films. However, Lady Lesso differed from her other roles as a teacher who relished evil, allowing Theron to "have much more fun in a way than some of those movies where you have to be very serious". Feig had long sought to collaborate with Kerry Washington, but their schedules had never allowed it. He knew as soon as he read Professor Dovey's role that he only wanted Washington to play the part, partially due to her comedic skills.[48] Compelled by the idea of working with Feig and Theron, Washington accepted. After reading The School for Good and Evil, she realized that Dovey was different from any character she had portrayed, being "so larger than life and filled with light, and [having] a lot of comedic beats". For the character's foundation, Washington made the decision to draw on real-life examples. She gave considerable thought to the archetype of fairy godmothers and finishing schools, as well as one of her instructors at Spence School, an all-girls school in New York that she had attended.[61]

The costumes maintained the design's individuality and distinctiveness, with Reneé Kalfus and Feig designing them. It felt fitting that each character would bring their own sense of style and culture given that many of the characters are the children of well-known fairy tale characters. Feig said he allowed Kalfus to "run wild" with this concept.[49] The costumes were inspired by a variety of media, including classic fairy tales and Beyoncé.[65] Unlike the books, the film the students do not wear uniforms, allowing, according to Chainani, more creativity.[22][clarification needed] The actors were encouraged to contribute to their costumes. In particular, Theron wanted Lesso to have a tailored and severe silhouette; she also suggested the ginger hair and showed Feig various reference photos.[48] Caruso discussed Sophie's evolution of style with Kalfus, including with "princessy" dresses and "potato sack" uniform at the School for Evil. She eventually transitions into punk glam costumes, which Caruso felt needed "such a specific type of hot that suits her fiery spirit".[59][clarification needed] Wylie insisted on keeping her curly hair, wanting to show such hair can still be associated with princesses.[a][65] Over 800 costumes and 600 pairs of shoes were produced by more than 70 costumers.[49] The wolf characters are "guys in suits, with animatronic heads" so the actors had something to act against.[63] Professor Dovey's blond bouffant wig took seven weeks to produce, including one to create its color; designer Linda Villalobos chose its look to highlight her goodness and prevent her from looking evil, as well as demonstrate texture.[66][67]

The School for Good and Evil teaser dropped June 7, and depicts the first thrilling moments when Sophie and Agatha are transported to the school (with bewitching voiceover from Charlize Theron, who plays School for Evil professor Lady Lesso).

All good and evildoers rejoice! The upcoming adaptation of The School for Good and Evil is coming to Netflix in September 2022! We have everything you need to know about The School for Good and Evil, including the plot, cast, trailers, and the Netflix release date.

Get your cheers ready, #Evers & #Nevers!#EverNeverWeek is coming up. Get ready to solve, dance, write, and cheer for your school! If you want to participate in any of the competitions this week, follow the link in the bio of either @westever.high or @easterneve.hsc to apply. Visit @ever.valedictorian or @valedictorian_easterneve with questions or submissions!#ForEverAfter #NeverMore

The Schools for Good and Evil had finally united, and with unification, came new staff.Y/N is the first new teacher the school had seen in over five years, and from the first moment she arrived, things began to change.She had attended the School for Evil, but seemed more like an Ever than a Never.She was mysterious.A puzzle yet to be solved was an accurate description of the woman; but several people intended to figure her out.Clarissa was determined to find out more about her past.The students intended to discover why she had really returned to the school.And Lesso? Well Lesso planned to uncover it all, including why this woman was so...infestatious.Little did they know she had a secret; a few of them in fact.And one of those secrets would change the fate of the fairytale world forever.

Lady Leonora Lesso is jaded with the routine and monotony of life as the Dean of Evil. Year after year, day after day, and nothing seems to change...even after the collapse of the school following Sophie and Agatha's appearance. What she doesn't know, is that wishes are truly some of the most powerful magic indeed. When she unknowingly makes a heartfelt wish, the consequences begin to feel more like a curse. If dreams are a wish the heart makes, Lesso's must be full of nightmares. She comes to find herself trapped re-living the same day over and over again with no way out.

Decades and more than one king after events of The School For Good and Evil, a new sinister threat arises to endanger the Woods. Heroes new and old must arise to fight them. A story about rebelling against the good King Artri in hopes of preserving stories throughout the woods.

Clarissa Dovey needs a date to her school reunion after breaking up with her boyfriend. Emma is busy so her best friend and fellow single parent Leonora Lesso steps up. It all sort of spirals from there.

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Parents need to know that The School for Good and Evil, is a fantasy film based on the popular YA book series. The plot and characters make use of fairy tale devices and play on their clichés. Two young women, bullied in their town for being different, are dragged away to a secret school by a dark spirit and a giant flying creature. There, people are trained to become either good characters or evil ones. Fighting regularly breaks out in scenes that involve swords, punches, fire, scary creatures, and other weapons. There are fatalities, and woman is sent to a "doom room" full of torture implements. Students' fingers are pierced with a needle to infuse them with magic. Some characters who appear to be killed are brought back to life. People's eyes glow, and one ages horrifically. Language includes lots of insults, plus "s--t," "ass," "hell," "dammit," and "dang." A character drinks from a flask and appears drunk. Ultimately the diverse cast of characters learns that actions speak louder than words and that true goodness is seen in empathy for others. 041b061a72


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