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They have to estimate the mean difference in advance of doing the meta-analysis. RevMan also can be useful for meta-analysis of RCTs from different sources as it deals with the problem of inclusion and exclusion of articles in comparison with other meta-analyses that only use RCTs from one source.

Clarification of this issue is vital and can report the general usefulness of a new software. This was analyzed in this study and RevMan proved to be a useful tool for performing meta-analysis. There are many types of meta-analyses as well as different statistical analyses in meta-analysis. One of the most commonly used statistical analyses is fixed-effect method, which assumes that the effect sizes are the same for all studies in a meta-analysis. This method is best when there is a large number of studies involved (large N). However, if there are not many studies in a meta-analysis, there is a greater chance of bias, random chance results.

Upload only the data from the studies we wish. Otherwise, you will have to upload not only the identified studies but also the identified reviews. For this purpose, go to the "file format" screen. Choose "RCT Selection" and use the third response arrow to erase the data from the all fields. The proper way to use RevMan is that you can edit the data in RevMan as you are downloading them and keeping notes in your favorite file editor. When you are done, you can either upload the file to RevMan or export it to Access (Microsoft Excel), where you can then download to convert it to other spreadsheet applications (eg. OpenOffice or LibreOffice) for word-processing.

RevMan 5.3.5 is an advanced user-friendly statistical software that allows for the meta-analysis of RCTs, TCAs, CCAs, NOS, OSs, and DCs. It runs on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software allows reviewers and students to use a sequence of operations and to produce statistical forest plots, funnel plots, line graphs, etc. d2c66b5586