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Grandeur is Glory's personal advisor as well as a fellow royal, as Glory's venom counteracted hers. She also aided her and her friends. Since she is Glory's advisor, she is trusted enough to run the kingdom alongside Mangrove when Glory left for the Great War's peace summit. Grandeur believes that Glory deserves to be queen.

To The Sky Kingdom Books Pdf File


Glory seems to have a good relationship with Mangrove, due to her interest in finding the missing RainWings. He was especially thankful when Orchid was successfully rescued. Glory also appears to trust him, as she appointed him (along with Grandeur) to run the kingdom while she attended the summit.

Glory did not know Tamarin that well (other than Kinkajou talking about her), other than the fact that she was blind. Tamarin seemed confident in front of Glory when she said that maybe she could not do the flower challenge, with Kinkajou later stating that Tamarin had the best nose in the whole kingdom. At first, Glory doubted her abilities, but when Tamarin won the flower hunt in the RainWing queen challenge, she began to see that she was a skilled dragonet, despite her blindness. She also felt compassionate about getting Tamarin a better teacher at Jade Mountain Academy.[52]

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