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Where Can I Buy A Toilet Tank

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Where Can I Buy A Toilet Tank

Remove the tank lid and loosen the nuts on the bolts that fasten the tank to the bowl using an adjustable wrench. These bolts are typically inserted through the base of the tank near the center of the bowl, and are fastened with nuts located behind the bowl.

Slide the rubber washer over each mounting bolt and insert these into the tank from the inside. Most tanks come with bolts, washers and nuts. The rubber washer goes inside the tank, and the metal washer and nut go on the end of the bolt. If your tank does not come with these parts, you can reuse the old bolts, or they can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Insert a screwdriver into the bolt from inside the toilet and hold the nut with an adjustable wrench. Turn the bolt with the screwdriver to tighten, but avoid over-tightening. You may crack the bowl or your new tank.

If your toilet is cracked, leaking, or just outdated, it may be time to replace the toilet tank. Toilet tanks are sold separately from the bowls, so you can get any tank that fits onto your model of toilet. Check out the simple steps below to learn how to remove an old toilet tank, measure your toilet, and install a new toilet tank.

If you are looking for deals on replacement toilet tanks, then you are in the right place. At PlumbersStock, we have everything you need to update your bathroom. If your toilet tank has cracked, then you will be able to find an affordable option for replacement here.

The great thing about two-piece toilets is that you will never have to replace a perfectly good toilet bowl. If the tank is broken, you replace the tank only. It's a great investment if you are planning on using that toilet for years. If you are looking to replace an entire toilet, then consider one-piece toilets.

We carry a variety of discount options from quality manufacturers like American Standard, Toto, Danze, and more. We even carry replacement toilet parts like new tank lids and even flappers.