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Autocom Unknown Error During Init

Autocom Unknown Error During Init

A process may crash at thread exit with an Access Violation exception (0xC0000005, EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) if it had dynamically loaded (such as by calling LoadLibraryA()) a native C++ DLL that was statically linked with C Runtime, and the DLL generated an unhandled exception during its initialization or shutdown.

During the CRT startup or shutdown (such as during DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH or DLL_PROCESS_DETACH in DllMain(), or in the constructor or destructor of a global/static C++ object), if the DLL generates a fatal error that is unhandled, the LoadLibrary call just swallows the exception and returns with NULL. When the DLL load or unload fails, some error codes you may observe include:

There may be third-party products registered on the runtime machine that will inject DLLs at runtime into most processes. In such cases, an affected DLL outside of your product development may lead to this error during thread exit. If you are not in a position to rebuild such DLLs according to the guidance suggested above, your only option may be to contact the vendor of the product and request such a fix, or to uninstall the third-party product. 1e1e36bf2d


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