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VAG-COM Revival.rar


Vag-Tacho USB is a Windows program that helps you install the Vag-Tacho drivers on you computer. You have to connect the OBD connector to car diagnostic socket. Then connect hardware interface to any USB port of your Pc.The program will try to connects any kombi and will display type of the kombiinstrument.

VAG-CE is a Windows program that helps you detect the factory settings and retrieve the latest software settings. Using the factory settings will allow you to use the original software of the vehicle and avoid potential problems. If you have a software update or you have some difficulty doing it, you can use the list of previous updates available to help you.

Viendo que esta herramienta es de los motores Volkswagen y que en los nuevos modelos de camiones, mediante la nueva instalaci&#235#243;n de partes y otras, por ejemplo, instalación de actualizaciones, se hace especial. La mia versión instala los drivers de motores de vehículas Volkswagen y aplica la actualización de accesorios y mucho más.

This is a guide to update software and update your VAG vehicle factory software for E39, E60, E78 and GolfSeries four and five years. Many Engine updates and extra functions, such as Linux, color 5.0 E39, E60 and X5 (including sanito and trueno) VAG equipment and so on.

This is the guide to install car diagnostic software OBD-II and various devices like Kombi, PCM, Throttle position sensor, OLE, NV200, Pad, OE-Software and more devices. Also this software will have the unique functions to make your car more good condition.

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