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The Devil's WarehouseSD


The Devil's WarehouseSD

In Kentucky, "if you go on a distillery tour, they proudly reference the angel's share," Jason Holleman, an attorney for Christi Long, told the Herald-Leader. "But the angel's share results in the devil's fungus." He said the fungus wasn't a problem when the barrelhouses were further apart. Jack Daniel, headquartered in neighboring Moore County, got approval in 2018 to build two barrelhouses in Lincoln County. It now has six and has plans to build up to 20.

Whiskey makers often describe the evaporation process as "angels' share," meaning when some amount of whiskey evaporates during the maturing phase and escapes into the atmosphere. Long's lawyer, Jason Holleman, in an interview with BBC, said, "Unfortunately, that also results in the devil's fungus." 59ce067264


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