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By using a configuration file, you can set a typical print configuration via user-friendly Web accessibility without installing anything on your PC. It is intended to be used for users who need to set their printer, or in the event of an emergency encounter.

1.A1: As a method of setting print density ,printer function setting command is available. For details of thecommand, refer to Command Reference.Command Reference can be downloaded from the downloadsite of command reference.In addition, a tool for customizing printer function like print density(Printer Customization) is provided.This customization tool can be downloaded from the downloadsite of utility software.* No. 6 in the download site corresponds to the relevant tool.

1.A9: The USB interface has a default serial number of "00000000" for many printer models (CT-S2000/CT-S2010/CT-S4000/CT-S310). Because of this, the PC cannot distinguish a difference between the two USB printers causing the PC to hang. To fix this, USB serial numbers need to be individually set for each printer if you want to connect more than 2 CT-S printers to a PC. With unique USB serial numbers, Windows driver installation is required for each printer. How to change the USB serial numberPlease use the Printer Customization software. The software can be downloaded from our site.Japanese version (No.6 is the software)English version (No.6 is the software)The function to change USB serial number is located from Menu File=>USB Serial No Regist d2c66b5586